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Gestures that Speak Love, Physically and Virtually

April 26, 2021

Making greeting cards

Most of us would agree that love underlies all the good words we speak and the good deeds we do. You may have heard about or read the book by Gary Chapman about the five love languages he has been praised for. That book was reviewed, talked about, and explained from several perspectives. Though it is primarily for husbands and wives, and couples, the love languages' core principles can be applied to other human interactions and relationships. So, we can express our love in these ways:

Words of Affirmation

Receiving and Giving Gifts

Acts of Service

Quality Time

Physical Touch

Ways to express love for husbands and wives

Both husband and wife should know which love 'language' they most resonate with and ways to express them. Together they discover what those are. After that, they become more receptive, fulfilled, and appreciative when moments of intimacy occur.


Exploring love expression in other kinds of relationship

Not all of us are married or in a relationship, so let's broaden the scope beyond romantic love and include fraternal love, friendship, care for humanity, and other kinds of love and positive emotions. Let's do much more and explore other means to communicate love, good vibes, friendship, and care to people who are in our circle. And do it every chance we have. 


It wouldn’t be difficult to agree that the time, place, our mood, and other circumstances should tell us, instinctively, how our love, care, and feelings can be articulated in words and action. Often, we just know and feel the right moment to express love and other positive emotions, and the way to do it. It is often spontaneous, and so listen to that little voice inside you. It’s your common-sense and instinct speaking.

In a family, a son would hug and kiss his parents gently and lovingly. To a friend, he would say 'High five!' and raise their right hands and then push and slap their palms to give the 'high five' greeting.

Family walk

Do you know that in a religious context, the expression of love has four levels? They could be expressed in various ways and intensity: empathy, friendship, romantic love, and unconditional love or 'agape.' The same way, love is expressed differently in each of them.

And also, when things go wrong

Sometimes, no matter how hard two people try to make a marriage successful; things may happen beyond their control. Depending on how they respond to it or the way events unfold, the marriage may fail. And love can also sour between the married couple. So, they should be strong and understanding if anything unfortunate happens in their marriage. At the same time do their utmost best for it to work.

Relationship arguments

On the other side of the coin, we also must be realistic and accept that life has its ups and downs. Sometimes, not-so-good things happen for a reason. How we handle it could make us better, and from thereon be more in tune with the vagaries of life.

Ready as always for the unpredictable future

Who could have foreseen back in late 2019 that something significant and catastrophic would profoundly change our lives? Undoubtedly, the pandemic has brought about many changes and sorrows in many people's lives. There are unfortunate things we still are grappling with. But along with the bad, many good things have also surfaced. For instance, the effect on our mobility, which becomes restricted and curtailed, has brought about some good things. We basically need to stay at home and go out only if necessary. That's where the silver lining is. We’ve thought of ways to efficiently manage time such as taking care of ourselves, learning new skills, meditating, doing physical exercises, setting priorities, doing important things we had set aside for years, and so on. It’s time management, and this time, our sanity and well-being are highly considered.


Making the most of the extra time

With more time on our hands, more people have gone online to work and earn extra money, acquire new skills, connect with loved ones and relatives, and take care of themselves. We also need quiet times for solitude, relaxation, recreation, and entertainment. There are also many movie streaming sites to watch different genres of films, even the latest ones. Many folks find that a better alternative than going to a movie house.

And it’s a given that we all want to know how important people in our lives are doing, so we reach them via online apps like Zoom, email each other, and share a lot of exciting stuff.

Family watching movie at home

For your loved ones and friends, inspirational thoughts online

Some refreshing online contents to receive and share are 'inspirational quotes,' 'food for thoughts,' infographics,' and helpful articles. Spending the day mostly at home gives us the chance to indulge in this activity. It's a great opportunity to send and receive such content and information that can surely take the rough edges out of the present condition. It's like sending postcards for certain occasions or letters to relatives and friends.


A few worth singling out are the quotes from people like Nelson Mandela, Paulo Coelho, Kahlil Gibran, John Steinbeck, and many others. Their insights are so inspiring and thought-provoking. They provide a different but altogether more sensible look at life and how to go through difficult times, loneliness, disappointment, diminished self-worth, and failure. Indeed, they are life-promoting, healing, insightful, and refreshing.

Greeting cards with a twist to send to loved ones

As we've talked about interesting gestures to communicate love, let's end on a really bright and colourful note, pun definitely intended. Check out these amazing, versatile, and lovely greeting cards to send special people on special occasions. They are collectable works of art and can be framed and displayed. Both the sender and the recipient will be delighted. Here are two images and links to know and see more! 

Making greeting cards

Swallow and Willow

Greeting card with a laser cut-out coloured artwork of swallows cavorting under the leaves and branches of the willow tree to welcome the season. Definitely a collectable item that can also be displayed.

Swallow and Willows Greeting Card
Hokusai Japanese Wave

Fantastic imagery of freedom and nature with the waves and the sea birds seemingly reaching up to the sky celebrating life and nature. It’s reminiscent of wonderful feelings overflowing inside us.

Hokusai Japanese Wave Birthday Card

Greeting cards can make a good collection. So, don’t hesitate to keep the ones you really like and are great to collect. Take them out sometimes to be viewed. Beautiful memories and wonderful feelings will come rushing back.

Today’s printing technology has given us awesome greeting cards that are artistic, versatile, collectable, and most of all connect us with people. The ones pictured above are intricately laser cut so that you can place the cards opened against different backdrops. Alternatively, insert different paper types with different colours and artwork, making them versatile accents on tabletops or Christmas trees.

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