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Messages and Cards to Give Teachers on Graduation Day!

July 26, 2021

Messages and Cards to Give Teachers on Graduation Day!

Inspiring Thoughts and Cards to Thank Your Teachers on Graduation Day!

Graduation day is a truly significant milestone in a student’s academic pursuit. It’s the culmination of years of dedication and concentration on studying, learning, and more.

When you graduate, regardless of the stage of schooling you’re in, your thoughts would turn to the years your teachers taught you. Their hard work, dedication, and commitment quickly come to mind. Let them feel your gratitude, respect, and admiration for them.


Let’s begin with these words of gratitude and appreciation for your teachers. May each one of them inspire you when you hand out your handwritten letters to them.

  1. That day you walked into the room and started teaching us, I discovered that learning could be wonderful! I didn’t want to miss your class since then. And now I’ll be graduating. I’m so grateful to you!
  2. Thank you for believing in me. You took the trouble in discovering the best ways I could learn. Awesome!
  3. Thank you so much for having been my teacher. I think you’re the best. And I think I’d want to be like you someday.
  4. I always felt nervous when leaving home for school. But all that changed when you became my teacher. Now I will be graduating soon with the rest of the class. From all of us, our sincerest gratitude!
  5. Want to know why you’re my favourite teacher? Well, you explained things clearly, even demonstrated them if needed. And then, you would say something inspiring, which made them memorable. Thanks for all that!
  6. I never believed learning could be so fun until you taught me about curiosity. I also remember asking you what to say when Dad said I asked too many questions. Thanks for having been my teacher!
  7. One great thing I learned from you is about the power of our imagination. Learning was indeed more fun and effective with a dose of it. And now I’m graduating! For all that, I thank you.
  8. Looking back through all the years you’ve been my favourite teacher; I realize now the many roles you had to assume to be an effective educator. You were also a parent, a friend, a confidant, and a protector. Thank you!
  9.  Thank you, dear teacher, for being more than a teacher to me, to the class! I cherish the moments you unselfishly gave your help, support, and encouragement through all the challenging times in school. You’ll always be lovingly remembered. 

Looking for a foolproof and stylish way to write your thoughts and gratitude? Take a peek at these unique cards, each one with impressive artwork. Write on the back for your message.

Greet and thank your teacher with one of these unique collectable cards!

It’s a Disney-inspired tea party design, with colourful butterflies fluttering above a pair of teacups (that’s you and your dearest teacher). Such magical and whimsical imagery. Life can indeed be enchanting if you view it with bright eyes.


Owls represent intelligence, can know the hidden, and discern different points of view.

Everyone would want to have an extra dose of both, don’t you think? Like teachers who share their knowledge and wisdom with their students, this symbolic pattern fits them best.


This whimsical imagery of colourful birds in flight, with an equally colourful garden of different flowers, may evoke childhood dreams and fantasies.

While you soar high and take the next chapter of your life and bloom into the person you ought to be, let this card be the reminder to your teachers that whatever academic and life lessons you learned, you would surely bring them with you as you reach greater heights.

Books are essential tools that you and your teacher probably brought around the school grounds and anywhere you had to study or read for leisure.

This card might be the perfect illustration for your teachers who love collecting, recommending, and even telling you about the latest book they’re on.

It’s a beautiful card to express your gratitude and love to your teacher. The multitude of flowers and varieties symbolize many, many things. Love, happiness, friendship, enthusiasm, a new beginning.

Your academic days were sure as full of life as this card, and indeed, there are fond memories you have with your teacher. Let this card remind you that school days were memorable because aside from the friendships you built, your teachers also significantly impact you.

Freedom, reaching new heights, a new beginning…all these represented in this beautifully conceived card. It becomes even more special with your thoughtful and warm greeting. As you head on and turn a new page in your life, let this card be an instrument for you to express your gratitude for the patience and dedication of your teachers.

Concluding thoughts

As you bid farewell to the old and say hello to the new, it’s a wonderful feeling to send your teachers words and gestures of gratitude. As they say, teachers have one of the most challenging jobs there is, and it’s never easy to instil knowledge and be a second parent to students. So take the opportunity to give them recognition for a job well done.

As for you, our dear graduates, congratulations! This academic year might have been the toughest to finish considering the current situation we’re in, but we’re proud that you are brave through it all. Now, look ahead and take on the future. Best of luck to all of you!

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