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Ways to Love Others and Yourself!

April 15, 2021

Ways to Love Others and Yourself!

Have you ever struggled with what to write in a letter to someone important? You have loads of ideas, but they’re all jumbled up inside your head, making you confused and indecisive even more. A lovable yet painfully sarcastic spinster aunt living alone in another country demanded you stay with her for a year, but you couldn’t due to travel restrictions.

We may not be able to do what we want or fulfill the requests of people we care about all the time. But there are gestures or alternative ways to let them know and feel we genuinely do care.  

A Remedy for Loneliness and Isolation

When we give love, it doesn't diminish us or take anything away. Instead, it lifts our spirits and enhances our health and wellness. When we let people we care about feel our love, they reciprocate the love, and they, too, will experience the benefits of increased health and wellness. 

Although physical contact like touching is intimate, it should be minimized while the pandemic is still around. We should be extra careful or forgo it if possible. We could also make alternative gestures for shaking hands. 

We can’t deny our connection to family and friends has been affected, as social distancing is enforced to reduce the spread. So, we have to be okay with safer versions like the elbow-to-elbow variation, waving, or blowing a 'flying kiss.' We can still do some physical contact in place of a handshake, such as your elbow touching a friend's elbow. Saying 'hi,' 'hello,' or 'glad to see you,' and other such greetings are also fine.

Reaching Out Online 

It's sad to think that thousands or more people have been stranded in different parts of the world and aching to get back to their home countries. Most of them don't have any assurance when they would return home.

But let’s be honest. Even with family and friends who we regularly mingled with before the pandemic, we would now be extra careful with face-to-face interaction and physical contact, even with a face shield and mask on. We’re that scared of the pandemic almost like paranoid, and that’s perfectly understandable. It’s self-preservation instinct kicking in, and nothing wrong with that.

Therefore, we should be glad for the Internet and various social media apps. They have become so indispensable for getting people connected and staying sane. Virtual meetups via Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Facebook Room, and other similar online services help allay the impact of depression, loneliness, isolation, and separation.

Cheer Up Loved Ones and Friends, Share and Connect Online

Keeping in touch in person or virtually in these trying times will brighten anyone’s day especially with expressions of love and good thoughts. Words become more crucial than ever before. The isolation and the lack of human contact may not only be maddening but can affect one's productivity, dampen the spirit that may lead to depression, and many other undesirable effects. 

Now gear up for a couple of enjoyable and easy things to do to shake off that awful feeling of isolation and lethargy:

  • Create videos of family members and share them with your loved ones or relative.
  • Engage with relatives and friends regularly on FB or other social media platforms.
  • Watch movies for entertainment and recreation from free-streaming movie sites, or subscribe to a paid one like Hulu, 123movies, Netflix, and more.
  • Learn a new skill and watch YouTube video tutorials; learning a new skill can be empowering, and let your new skill benefit a loved one.
  • Take up a new hobby online, share it with a relative and friend.
  • Play online games, there are a variety of genres to choose from.
  • Enjoy listening to songs and music from sites like Google Play Music, Spotify, Slacker Radio 3. 
  • Take on an online job; it can be a full-time gig, part-time, or freelance, paid or free membership; most of us need extra income in these challenging times.
  • Buying a gadget, an appliance, clothes, and other great stuff at Amazon, eBay, Oasis, Walmart, Etsy, John Lewis & Partners, Wayfair; owning something new is a delightful experience.
  • Sending virtual postcards and greeting cards to relatives and friends can bring a ray of sunshine into anyone's day; it's a gratifying experience and will imbue you with positive feelings.
  • Make your quick and impromptu messages to valued people special by sending them an Edge greeting card. Each card bears stylishly minimalist laser-cut artwork, making it nice to collect.

Edge Greeting Cards

Take a peek at our Edge Greeting cards collection! They’re perfect for sending your thoughts, feelings, and ‘hello's to people you love without having to wait for their birthday, Valentine’s, or Christmas. The laser-cut image makes each card collectable and may be displayed on a console table or a ledge.      

  • Birthday celebrations can be less lively this year. Here's how to make it special for someone by sending a laser cut-out birthday greeting card. View the complete collection and choose among many designs and different colour schemes and themes. Looking at them and choosing which cards to get will be a refreshing experience.

Narwhal Birthday Card - Greeting Card

This is a beautiful birthday card to send someone who loves nature, the sea, water denizens like the narwhal whale, and birds soaring in the sky. 

Let's start giving joy and love to important people in our life, especially those away from us. Brighten up their day with gifts, thoughtful words, and kind and helpful gestures that will bring immeasurable joy, tenderness, and good feelings.  


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