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Reiki & Sound Therapy Session (100 minutes)

60-minute Reiki therapy

Experience holistic balance with Reiki Therapy by Julia Tsang, an adept Reiki master practitioner focusing on realigning your life force energy. The gentle touch and intentional practice aim to alleviate stress, clear energy blockages, and promote overall well-being. Join her in West London for a transformative session to tap into your body's innate healing potential.

"My 16 years old daughter, Karolina, suffers from high anxiety which prevents her to get out of the house for several weeks. She felt considerably less anxious and more grounded after going through the reiki energy healing with Julia." - Ewa

"I felt very peaceful and relaxed. I slept like a baby. Thank you so much. I have no words to thank you. My pain is gone now, I can go see my favourite person." - Nima

60-minute Tibetan sound therapy

Discover tranquillity through Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy led by Julia Tsang. With expertise in the Tibetan Five-Chakra System, Julia's sessions offer energy tuning based on your body's needs. Immerse yourself in resonant frequencies for stress & pain relief and a renewed sense of harmony. Julia's skilled guidance ensures a therapeutic escape, leaving you uplifted and balanced.

"I don’t usually go into the state of deep relaxation in other spaces but I was able to relax here. Very calming and relaxing. Feeling safe and grounded." - Sylvia

"Wonderful. I could feel the energy charging my body and my feet were heated throughout, and that my consciousness observing the thoughts." - Jason

Fine Print

  • Consultation is included in the session.
  • Available Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Appointment required, please book with Julia 07789775957
  • Home based clinic: Miracle Room, South Ealing, London, W54SP
  • 24-hour cancellation notice required. 


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