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Sound Therapy Session (60 minutes)

Discover tranquillity through Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy led by Julia Tsang. With expertise in the Tibetan Five-Chakra System, Julia's sessions offer energy tuning based on your body's needs. Immerse yourself in resonant frequencies for stress & pain relief and a renewed sense of harmony. Julia's skilled guidance ensures a therapeutic escape, leaving you uplifted and balanced.

"I don’t usually go into the state of deep relaxation in other spaces but I was able to relax here. Very calming and relaxing. Feeling safe and grounded." - Sylvia

"Wonderful. I could feel the energy charging my body and my feet were heated throughout, and that my consciousness observing the thoughts." - Jason

  • Consultation is included in the session.
  • Available Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Appointment required, please book with Julia 07789775957
  • Home based clinic: Miracle Room, South Ealing, London, W54SP
  • 24-hour cancellation notice required. 

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