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Budget-Friendly, Yet Practical Gifts to Send Your Pal this Friendship Day!

July 19, 2021

Budget-Friendly, Yet Practical Gifts to Send Your Pal this Friendship Day!

There are many occasions when you might want to give a friend a present. It may be during their birthday, achieving a new milestone, or a token of appreciation for being there with you through life’s highs and lows.  

This International Day of Friendship happening on July 30 might be the perfect time to show how grateful you are for your friendship. Read on and check out this great list we curated to give you some meaningful yet affordable gift ideas.


For the friend who needs Zen in their life

Scented Soy Candles: London & Oxford - £8.98

Have you ever heard of aromatherapy? Consider giving your friends these scented candles! Scented candles are the perfect solution whenever your friends tend to feel low on energy, drained from school or work, or just need a quick, relaxing fix.

These candles give off an appealing fragrance of the subtle sweet of white tea and an uplifting aroma of ginger zest-- leaving them energized and renewed. Lighting a scented candle also sets a relaxing ambience which helps in calming down those tensed muscles.

These two designs are inspired and named after two cities in the UK that we certainly love-- Oxford and London. The classic London label is the one to give a friend whose taste is timeless, while the Oxford version is the best choice for the friend who prefers a modern minimalist design.


For the friend who loves the traditional way of writing things down

Dreamland Girls A6 Notebooks - Set of 3 - £9.50

We all certainly have at least one friend who loves stationery and writes down their ideas, feelings, emotions, or fancies documenting anything using pen and paper. These themed notebooks have ethereal designs, which would inspire the writer to use them whenever needed. It’s like a diary of various vital and exciting stuff.

Laptops and electronic notebooks may be perfect for most work as we are in the digital age, but nothing beats the power of physical notebooks for jotting or sketching.


For the friend who loves skin and hair care products
soap box

 Handmade Organic Soaps - £5.50

The skin is the biggest part of the body that we have to take care of, so it’s no wonder why skincare is popular! If you have a friend who likes all-natural products, then give these vegan bar soaps a try.

As we are huge advocates of products that are good for the planet, this new product line is something that we’re genuinely proud of as it doubles as a shampoo and body soap, making it effortless to cut down on plastic packaging waste! 

soap collage

Choose from six different varieties and try it out for yourself as well.

Bottom line

No matter which present you choose to give out this Friendship day, your friends would definitely be grateful that you thought about them on this special day. Taking the time to glance through an array of products is no easy feat, so we hope this list gave you a sense of relief and helped you decide how you want to express your thanks to those you hold dear.

Make sure you don’t miss greeting them on July 30 and join the whole world in celebrating! Happy International Friendship Day!


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