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Addison Hot Water Bottle with Herringbone Grey Wool Cover

Stay snug and warm during winter with our 500ml Hot Water Bottle, featuring a stylish Herringbone Wool Cover.

This body warmer is the perfect companion for chilly nights, providing soothing comfort and a touch of elegance to your winter routine. The wool cover helps the heat last longer and is a great way of protecting your skin during use.

Includes one wool cover and one water bottle
Woven in 100% Pure Wool
Made in Britain
Wool Cover Size: 36cm x 23cm
Bottle Size: 32cm x 19.5cm

1. Put the empty hot water bottle into the wool cover
2. Adjust the cover to get a perfect fit
3. Fill the bottle with hot water carefully
4. Place the cap on the bottle and ensure it is securely fastened
5. Enjoy the warmth

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